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  • League Rules


    1. The League will be known as the Woodplumpton Veterans Bowling League.

    2. The Management Committee to consist of the President, Immediate Past President, Chairman, Secretary and League representatives.

    3. The AGM will be held in late January/ early February.

    4. Propositions for discussion at AGM to be with the Secretary fourteen days before the meeting. A two thirds majority of those voting is required to change League Rules.

    5. Each team may send one Delegate to all meetings and can cast one vote on each proposition.

    6. Players may only represent one team in a season, must have past their 55th birthday and be a paid up member of the club.

    7. Players in teams which become defunct may re-register for another team. Proof of age to be produced if requested by the League Secretary.

    8. Teams must register a minimum of 10 players with the League. A team in a match shall consist of 8 players.

    9. Players may be registered with the League Secretary or Chairman and play in a match on the same day. After 2nd Thursday in July no further registrations will be allowed.

    10. Teams will play fixtures according to the fixture list. Matches to commence at 2.00pm.
      Start time may be varied by agreement between captains.
      Visiting team to have sole use of the green for last 15 minute before start of game.

    11. Any changes to fixture dates must be agreed by team Captains and games must be played as near as possible to fixture date listed. The League Secretary must be informed of any such changes.

    12. If the Home Captain considers the green unfit for play he shall inform the visiting team no later than 12 noon on the day of the match. A new date must be agreed and the match played within 7 days of the original. If agreement cannot be reached the match must be played on the Tuesday after original date. Matches NOT completed in accordance with this rule may be declared NO RESULT and NO points will be awarded to teams.
      ALL League games must be completed by the last day of the season

    13. Any match postponed on the last day of the season must be played within the following seven days unless otherwise agreed with the League Management

    14. If a match is abandoned for any reason, the remainder of the match to be completed as Rule 12.

    15. Each League game shall be played under British Crown Green Rules. The Home Captain shall determine the order of play. Visiting players shall have first throw of the Jack. All Jacks to be standard bias. All games to be to 21 up. Players to be matched by turn of cards for first League game. Thereafter, by current average before game is played. Such averages should be entered on the result card. Players off scratch to be placed between plus and minus averages

    16. Match points to be totalled by scoring one point per game won plus three points for an away aggregate win, two points for a home aggregate win, two points for an away aggregate tie or one point for a home aggregate tie.

    17. Each team shall keep their own score card for each game and shall check progress at least once every five ends. In the event of a dispute which the Captains cannot resolve, the game shall re-start at the last agreed score on the cards.

    18. If a player does not play due to the absence of an opponent their score will be entered as 21-0 on the score card. The playerís future average will be based on a score of 21-10.

    19. A player not available to play at 2.45pm will be considered absent. A Substitute player may be used if available otherwise Rule 18 will apply.

    20. If a team plays an unregistered player, or one not having reached their 55th birthday, that game will be scored as 21-0 against that team and Rule 18 will apply.

    21. After the first four games are completed refreshments (tea/ coffee with optional milk and sugar and biscuits) will be provided by the home team.

    22. Results must reach League Secretary within 48 hours of the match. Team Captains must check and sign results card. Result cards to be retained by home captain if not submitted to League Secretary

    23. If, at the end of the Season, a tie occurs at the top or bottom of any Division, final positions will be decided by reference to results between the teams in the season.

    24. A System of promotion and relegation will be operated between Divisions at the end of the season on the basis of two up and two down . In the event of teams having equal points, Rule 23 will apply.

    25. A Doubles competition for the Len Hutchinson Trophy will be held at the end of the season. Entries will be invited in August. The entry fee per pair will be determined each season.

    26. Presidentís Day will be held at the Presidentís home green. Every team shall send one player to the competition. Teams failing to be represented at Presidentís Day will be fined £10. The competition to be organised on a straight Knock Out basis and the winner to receive the Catterall Cup. Home players to receive half number of chalks allowance on card.

    1. To be eligible to play, a player must have played in at least TWO League Matches during the season before Semi Final and Cup Final Matches.

    2. Preliminary and First Round matches will be played on the greens of the Club drawn first

    3. Semi Finals will be played on Neutral greens decided after the semi final draw is made.Teams will be notified of the venues.

    4. The Final will be played on the League Presidents home green on the date stated in the Handbook.

    5. In ALL games players are matched up by turn of cards.

    6. In Preliminary and First Round matches the away team receives 16 chalks towards their aggregate score. If two teams from the same club play each other this will NOT apply.

    7. In Preliminary and First Round matches the home captain decides the order of play and the away team members get first use of the Jack. The Rule still applies if two teams from the same club are drawn together.In this case the Team drawn out first is the ďhomeĒ club.

    8. In Preliminary and First Round matches practice is allowed.The away team having use of the green for the 15 minutes before the start of the game.

    9. In Semi Finals and Finals NO additional chalks are given under Rule "F" except in the Final and then only if the Presidentís Club team were to qualify, in which case their opponents would receive 16 start.

    10. In Semi Finals and Final matches team Captains make alternate choice of order of play and use of Jack.

    11. In ALL matches, if aggregate scores are tied the team with most wins goes through or wins the trophy.

    12. if match is still tied on aggregate and wins then Captains nominate three players each to play 11 up. Team winning two games goes through or wins trophy. First choice of order of play to be decided by toss of coin.

    14. In ALL matches the previous year's Divisional Cup Winners will give 30 chalks start to their opponent before other Rules are applied. The Handicap will be reduced to 15 in the following year and to NIL the year after. The maximum handicap under this Rule will never exceed 30 chalks.
      The Handicap will not be applied where a Team is promoted for the following season. Outstanding handicaps will be reapplied if Team is relegated in season following promotion

      Handicapped teams in 2020 KO competition:

      Moor Park Sports 'A' 30 chalks
      Frenchwood - 15 chalks.
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