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  • Last Updated. Thursday 1st June 2023, 20:49
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  • April 07, 2023
    Player Registrations.
    During the 1st Week a couple of clubs have played players with no number, in future please do not play players with no number. From now on Players that are not registered and play, will be put with Player Invaild. Please check your Registration List. Thank You

  • April 07, 2023
    A recent medical incident took place during a match which was dealt with very efficiently by the home team. However it did highlight a point which we would suggest all clubs act upon. The League Committee feel it would be advisable for all clubs to display externally and on view from the Bowling Green the clubs full location details, Name, Address, Post Code, and Directions to the nearest Defibrillator (if applicable). This would help the emergency call centre locate the point of incident quickly and accurately. In this case the emergency services were not required but they may be needed should a similar incident occur in the Future. Thank You

  • March 03, 2023
    Start of Matches.
    Any club which has Floodlights may start later subject to the Visiting Team agreeing.
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