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2020 - Lytham St. Anne’s Men’s Bowling League

League Rules and Competition Notes 
(This League encourages the participation of disabled players and recognises their needs) 

Rule 1: League Name. 
The League shall be known as ‘Lytham St. Anne’s Men’s Bowling League’, and all League matches to be played under British Crown Green Bowling Association (hereinafter BCGBA) rules. 

Rule 2: Executive Committee 
The affairs of the League be governed by an Executive Committee elected annually at the A.G.M. The Officers of the League Committee shall comprise Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary and the Competition Secretary. Any Club without a representative on the Executive Committee may send a member to a League Committee Meeting, who will have the power to vote on matters arising. 

Rule 3: Subscriptions and Teams 
The annual subscription of each Club shall be determined annually at the A.G.M.  A Club wishing to revise the number of teams competing in the League for that club must notify the secretary in writing by the 31st October prior to the new season. 

Rule 4: Financial Year 
The financial year-end of the League shall be the 31st October. 

Rule 5: Annual General Meeting 
The League A.G.M. shall be held not later than the 31st January and all members of league clubs may attend. For all matters requiring a vote, a maximum of three representatives from each club will each cast one vote. All members of the Executive Committee and Officers of the League, excluding the Chairman, may represent their Club and exercise one of the Club’s three votes. 
The Chairman may cast an additional casting vote if necessary to break a tie. 

Rule 6: Financial Affairs 
The Treasurer shall submit a statement of the financial position of the League at the A.G.M. and at any other time on request. 

Rule 7: Rule Amendments
No League rule shall be altered, except at the A.G.M. Notice of any suggested alterations must be in the hands of the Secretary by the 21st October, who shall advise each Club Secretary of any proposed alteration at least 28 days prior to the date of the A.G.M. Any club wishing to move an amendment to a proposed amendment shall notify the Secretary, in writing, no later than 7 days prior to the date of the A.G.M. 

Rule 8: Registration of Players 
Any new club joining the League must submit a printed list of their members, wishing to play in the League, to the Fixture Secretary on or before the 31st March for the coming season. This list should detail Christian name, Surname & BCGBA Reg no. For all existing clubs in the League, the list of registered players from the previous season will be automatically carried over to form their starting list of registered players for the coming season. There will be no requirement for existing clubs to forward a list of their registered members to the Fixture Secretary, unless they wish to do so. Any amendments to a clubs existing list of members can be made at any time by contacting the Fixture Secretary with details of members to be added or removed from the existing list. For league matches, and with exception to the last 4 games of the season, a team may field any player, even if they have not been registered with the Fixture Secretary, providing that:- 
I. They currently hold a valid BCGBA Registration Number OR a number has been applied for. 
II. They are a member of the club. 
III. They have not played any other games for another club in the League during the season. See exception below. 
Bowlers shall only be allowed to play for one Club in a specific league in any one season, i.e Bowlers may play for different clubs in the different leagues, except prior to the 31st July and provided the player has not played more than five matches. Individual applications must be made to the Fixture Secretary with a letter from his existing Club giving permission for transfer to a new Club. Any transfers must be agreed with the Fixture Secretary before the bowler can play for the new club. Only registered players may play in the last 4 games of the season and no new registrations will be permitted during this period. 
Any team in breach of the above will be deemed to have played an unregistered player. 

Rule 9: Matches 
The Lytham St Anne’s Men’s Bowling League consists of 3 separate leagues:

1.      Monday Evening League

2.      Friday Evening Doubles League - Note: Ladies are permitted to play in this league.

3.      Veterans League – Played on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Rule 10: Player qualification for a Match and the Season 

A player may play for any team within his club at any time, but may only play for one team on any one day and the total games playable during the season shall not be more than that of any team within the League concerned. If therefore there are a varying number matches playable in differing Divisions, of the same League, the player can play up to the total of the team with the highest number of games playable of a team in the League concerned. 

Even if the match limitation has not been reached then the following will also apply: 

Note: “Lower league position” is at the date the match is played.


Monday & Friday Evening Leagues: Once a player has WON 6 or more matches for a single team he may not play for another team which is in a lower league position.

In addition, during the last four scheduled matches of the season and where the fixture may affect the Championship, Runner Up or relegation positions, a player who has played in 8 or more matches for a single team may NOT play for another team which is in a lower league position.


Veterans League:  Once a player has WON 6 or more matches for a single team he may not play for another team which is in a lower league position.  

In addition, during the last four scheduled matches of the season and where the fixture may affect the Championship, Runner Up, promotion  or relegation positions, a player who has played in 8 or more matches for a single team may NOT play for another team which is in a lower league position.

If there is any doubt about the eligibility of a player, then please check with the fixture secretary before the match. 

Any team playing an ineligible player shall be subject to the following penalty. The offending player shall lose the match, the game being awarded 21-0 in favour of the non-offending team. For the purpose of the League Merit table, the score shall count as 21-15 to the non-offending player. The Match Secretary shall be instructed to draw to the attention, of the League Officials, any noticeable infringements of this rule. The League Officials are empowered to take any steps as they deem necessary. This may include a fine or the deduction of further points if the circumstances warrant such action. 

Rule 11: Promotion and Relegation 


Monday Evening League:

Until such time there is more than one division in the Monday Evening league, relegation and promotion is not applicable.


Friday Evening Doubles League:

Until such time there is more than one division in the Friday league, relegation and promotion is not applicable.


Veterans League:

Promotion and relegation will apply annually.

The top two teams in Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1, and the bottom 2 teams in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2 for the following season.

Rule 12: Commencement of Game
Matches shall commence no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. If the Captains agree and the conditions or failing light warrant it, they shall have the necessary power to start the game at an earlier time than that laid down. 

Rule 13: Match Postponement provisions 

A match cannot be postponed due to lack of players, unless it is at the end of the season and does not affect relegation, promotion or Championship / Runners Up positions and is agreed by both Captains and The Fixtures Secretary.


Where a match has been postponed through inclement weather, or unforeseen cause, the following procedure must be followed: 


13.1 Within 24 hours of the match being postponed: 

13.1.1 The Home Captain, or delegate, must offer the Away Captain, or delegate, two alternative dates, together with the times of play.

13.1.2 These should be on 2 differing days of the week and must be within 14 days of the original postponement. 
13.1.3 If the postponement occurs within 14 days of the end of the season for that particular team, the alternatives offered MUST be prior to the last scheduled date laid down for the League fixtures. Where the time constricts the application of this, the Fixture Secretary must be consulted on the day of cancellation. 
13.1.4 The Home Captain should also ensure that the Fixture Secretary is informed of the postponement and the alternative dates offered to the Away team. 
13.1.5 If the Away Captain, or delegate, is not offered revised alternative dates in accordance with 13.1.1 to 13.1.3 of this rule, he should inform the Fixture Secretary of the fact. 

13.2 Within 48 hours from the original time of play: 

13.2.1 The Away Captain, or delegate, must accept one of the alternatives and notify the Home Captain, or delegate, accordingly. He should also notify the Fixture Secretary of the agreed date of play. 
13.2.2 If the Home Captain, or delegate, has not received confirmation of the revised date within 48 hours, he should inform the Fixture Secretary of this fact. 
13.2.3 The Fixture Secretary then has the power to designate a revised date of play, which will normally take into account the two dates initially notified by the Home Captain. He will inform the Away Captain of this revised date and no appeal will be allowed to this. If either team is not present on this designated date, their opponents will be awarded a walkover and full match points as applicable. 

13.3 After 72 hours from the original date of play: 

13.3.1 If the Fixture Secretary has not received the revised date of play within this time, he will have the power to designate a date on which the match MUST be played. Both teams must adhere to this ruling and no appeal shall be allowed. If either team is not present in the designated date, their opponents will be awarded a walkover and full match points as applicable. 

In this entire rule, the Fixture Secretary will work in conjunction with the League Officials, but his decision will be final.


Rule 14: Making the Draw 


Monday Evening & Veterans League

The home Captain shall list his players from 1 to 8 on his match sheet in the order of preference that he wishes them to play in the match. Without reference to this match team sheet, the away Captain shall hand a list of his players to the home Captain numbered 1 to 8, in the order of preference that he wishes them to play. The lists shall be paired and the Match Sheet completed by the home Captain. The games shall be played in that order, from which there shall be no deviation. Any player absent when called to play must be replaced by a reserve and shall not thereafter play in the match.


Friday Evening Doubles League


1.      Matches will consist of 8 players (Gents or Ladies) for each team, made up of 4 pairs.


2.      The pairings will be decided by turn of a card. Each Captain places 8 score cards face down on the table containing the name of each player, in any order they wish.


3.      The away Captain then selects any 2 cards from the home team cards, this decides the first pairing for the home team. The home captain then selects 2 cards from the away team cards, deciding their first pairing. These pairing’s play each other. The same procedure is followed to decide the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pairings.


4.       If there are enough “Markers” available then all 4 matches may commence at once. If “Markers” are not available then 3 matches can commence. When one match is completed the fourth match can then commence.


4(a) If there are not enough markers available and the Captains agree, then one of the players playing may “Mark” the card.


5.      When submitting the results on-line please use the following procedure.

If “Alf and Bert” from East End ‘A’ play “Colin and David” from Lytham BC ‘A’ and win 21-16 input as follows:



  Home Team

   Away Team

East End 'A'

Lytham BC 'A'










Complete the scorecard for all four matches and complete the “Total” and “Points” totals as normal for a singles match.  The merit table will then reflect the top doubles player irrespective of who they have partnered throughout the season.

Rule 15. Match Practice 
Practice other than 15 minutes prior to the start of the match, must not take place on an opposing teams green on the day of the League match, unless the player is a member of the opposing Club or involved in a tournament on that green. In the 15 minutes before a scheduled match start time, the away team has exclusive use of the green for practice. The visiting Captain shall be allowed 
15 minutes prior to this time to allow for the draw to take place and the match to commence at the correct time. 

Rule 16: First Jack 
In each match, the Jack shall be led off by the visiting team. 

Rule 17: Provision of Jacks 
The home club must provide eight standard Jacks. These standard Jacks, (which must be in date in accordance with the current BCGBA rules) must be used in practice before the match; four of these then to be used in the match. 
Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine of £1.00 per non-certified Jack per match. Not more than four Jacks shall be used on the green at the same time, except if conditions warrant it and the captains agree. They shall have the discretionary power to put up to six Jacks on the green at the same time. 

Rule 18: Markers 
There shall be two markers for each game. All cases of dispute will be governed by the Laws of the BCGBA, a copy of which must be held by each club and shall be interpreted by a both Captains who shall be appointed by the home club Captain before each match commences. 

Rule 19: Walkovers 
Each game shall be 21 up, from scratch; a player having a walkover shall count 21-0 for the purpose of the match result, but for Merit purposes, his score shall count as 21-15. 

Rule 20: League Match Points Scoring System 
The result of each match to be calculated as follows: 
Both the home and away teams shall receive one point for each winning player. 
An additional two points will be awarded to a home team with the winning aggregate score. 
An additional three points will be awarded to an away team with the winning aggregate score. 
In the event of the aggregate being equal, then one point will be awarded to the home team and one point will be awarded to the away team. 

Rule 21: Final League Table Points Scoring System 
The championship shall go to the team obtaining the greatest number of Match Points, as decided in Rule 20 above. In the case of a tie for any position in the League, the positions will be decided by factors in the following order: 
1. The team with the most Games won during the season. 
2. The team with the highest Individual Aggregate Points Difference during the season. 
3. The team with the greatest number of Match Points in games between the two teams during the season. 
4. The team with the higher Aggregate Points Difference between the two teams during the season. 
In the event of two or more teams still being level, a play off will take place between the teams concerned. 
The result of the play-off will be decided on the number of Games Won during the play-off. In the event of a 4-4 tie, the Individual Aggregate Points total shall be the deciding factor. If the teams are still level, a further play-off shall take place. 

Rule 22: Submission of Results 
The detailed result of each match should be transmitted to the Match Secretary, by each home team captain, or his appointed delegate, within 24 hours of the completion of the match. 
The preferred methods of submission are as follows: 
1. Website Input -- Input via the www.online-bowls.com website by an authorised delegate of each club or team. 
Other accepted methods of submission are; 
2. Email. By forwarding an email to the Match Secretary, attaching a detailed match result sheet.
3. Direct Delivery. The completed result details should be delivered to the Home address of the Match Secretary. 
4. First Class Post. By posting, first class details of the match result to the Home address of the Match Secretary. 

Rule 23: Cups and Shields 
The Challenge Cup and/or Shield, appropriate to each division, shall be held from year to year by the winners of each division. 

Rule 24: League Constitution and Application for membership 
The Constitution of the LSA Men’s Bowling League shall be ratified for the forthcoming season at each AGM. Any new applications by new clubs or teams for membership of the League will also be ratified, or otherwise, at this meeting. 

Rule 25: Fines 
A Team failing to arrive to fulfil a fixture will be fined £5.00. A Team playing an ineligible player will be fined £5.00 for each player in addition to the penalty applied in rule 10. 


Rule 26: Merit Prizes 

For the League merit prize a player counts 1 point for a home win and 2 points for an away win. Should more than one player have the same number of points the one with the highest aggregate shall take the prize. If players are still equal then the prize will be shared.

Rule 27: Adherence to Fixture List 


When clubs have more than one team in the same division, their fixtures, both home and away will be scheduled before the last 2 weeks of the season.

All clubs in the League shall play home and away matches in accordance with the official fixture list and no alterations shall take place without first receiving permission from the Fixture Secretary. Any suggested re-arrangement shall be prior to the date specified in the fixture list. The request for any alteration of any fixture shall be made at least five days before the proposed date and enclose written agreement to the alteration by the other club. The Fixture Secretary shall have the power to arbitrate and sanction re-arrangement of fixtures when necessary. Clubs are requested to make reasonable allowance for non-availability of popular greens, wherever possible. 

Rule 28: Affiliation 
All Clubs shall be affiliated in accordance with the BCGBA Bye-Laws. 

Rule 29: Referees 
Referees shall be appointed to league or other competition matches at the discretion of the Executive Committee. 

Rule 30: Veterans League 
Only players who have attained the age of Fifty-five years or who will attain that age during the current year shall be eligible to play in the Veterans Divisions. The rules for the Veterans shall be the same as rules 1 to 29 above. 

Rule 31: Presentation Ceremony 
In respect of all League Competitions cash prizes will not be paid out prior to the Presentation Ceremony. Any winner of a cash prize not present at the Official Presentation shall forfeit it, and the cash will be donated to a local charity. The name of the charity shall be decided by the Executive Committee. 

General: The Executive Committee has the power to deal with any matter not provided for in these rules. 

The rules have been revised in accordance with amendments carried at the Annual General Meeting of Wednesday 4th December 2019. 

4th December 2019



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