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  • League Rules


  • 1 This League to be known as The Welcome Bowling

    2 Membership shall be open to bona-fide Amatuer
    Clubs to be duly proposed and seconded before

    3 The annual subscription to be paid on or before
    31st March each year. Clubs failing to pay by the
    due date will be charged an additional £5 per team.

    4 That the Officers of the league be governed by an
    Executive Committee appointed annually at the
    AGM. The Committee shall include the Chairman
    and Vice Chairman plus a maximum of 10 Elected

    5 That the Officers of the League shall comprise
    of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Life Members,
    Secretary, Treasurer, Result Secretary and two

    6 That at the AGM the Rules and Bye-laws be
    considered and any club desirous of bringing
    forward any alterations shall forward their
    suggestions to the Hon Secretary, not later than
    7th November, such suggestions to be considered
    by the Executive Committee and they to bring forward
    a recommendation at the AGM. No Bye-Laws or rules
    shall be altered ,rescinded or added to without the
    consent of two thirds majority votes of votes cast,
    each club being allowed two votes only. Any changes
    will have immediate effect unless specifically stated
    in the motion.

    7 That the Financial year end on 31st October, A balance
    sheet to be sent to each club seven days before
    the AGM together with a notice calling the AGM.

    8 That a special General Meeting be called on the
    requisition of not less than Five Clubs. The meeting
    shall state the nature of the business, and no other
    business shall be transacted.

    9 The Executive Committee shall have the power to
    expel,fine and deal with any offence or complaint
    in connection with League matters or Infringement
    of League Rules, by any Club or Players and as
    circumstances warrant, shall deal with complaints.
    The club or players in breach or complained against
    must be notified of the date and place of the meeting
    at which the Committee propose to deal with the
    complaint/ offence or infringement of rules to enable
    club/players to have the opportunity of attending
    the meeting and defending any allegations brought
    against the said club/players

    10 That any club protesting against another club or player
    shall do so by means of a resolution passed by the
    Committee of the club protesting. That accompanying
    the protest, a written statement of the facts shall be
    sent to the League Secretary with a deposit of £5 and at
    the same time a copy be sent to the club protesting
    against. An inquiry shall forthwith be instituted and
    the Committee shall have absolute power to deal
    with the deposit as they think fit.

    11 A protest must be made within seven days of the match
    being played.

    12 That clubs play Home and Away matches each season
    according to official fixturesand no alteration shall take
    place without first notifying the Secretary. Matches may
    only be Rearranged in Exceptional circumstances(Green
    not available) unless BOTH CAPTAINS AGREE.

    13 The Home Captain shall list his players 1 to 8 in order
    of preference he wishes them to play. The Away Captain
    to do the same and the numbers paired. The games to be
    played in that order. Any player absent when called to
    play can be replaced by a reserve. Once replaced by a
    reserve he can take no part in the rest of the match
    The home team is responsible for getting the result to
    the Result Secretary by Friday of that week at the latest
    Any club failing to conform to this rule shall have

    14 That all players must be registered in writing prior to the
    last day of JULY. Members shall only be allowed to play
    for one club in any one season, exxcept that prior to the
    end of MAY and provided that no more than Three
    matches have been played, individual applications
    with the support of their existing club may be made to
    the Committee for permission to transfer to a new club.

    15 In the event of a player having a walk over by reason of
    the opposing team being a man short, the said player
    shall count 21-0 for the purpose of the match but for the
    purpose of the individual average prize a score of 21-11
    will be recorded and counted. After the first four games
    are completed the remaining four games must be on
    the green within a maximum of 15 minutes, failing
    which the penalty for each defaulting game will be
    21-0 to the opposing team.

    16 That in the event of a score card error which cannot be
    agreed by the markers or Captains the score shall revert
    to the end where both markers show the same score.
    Markers MUST check every third end

    16a That Captains decision will be final in all disputes.

    17/18 That no player having played in a team in one division
    shall play in another team during the same week.
    For the purpose of this rule a week shall be Sunday to
    Saturday. Once a player has played eight matches in a 1st
    or 2nd division team he cannot play in any of the last 4
    scheduled matches for another team in the same division
    or lower division.

    19 The method of scoring shall be as follows :- each winning
    player shall count one point, and the team with highest
    aggregate to count 2 pts home win, 3 pts away win. If
    aggregate score is tied home team receives 1 point and
    away team receives 2 points

    20 That for the League average prize a player counts 1 point
    for a home win and 2 points for an away win. Should
    more than one player have the same number of points
    then the one with the highest aggregate shall take the

    21 Once a match is in play the match must only be abandoned
    when both captains agree. The replayed match will be
    played in its entrety. In the event of a match not being
    played then the Home Captain will give the Away Captain
    3 dates within the next 28 days and if a match is not played
    within these 28 days then the Committee have the power
    to Fine/Deduct points to one or both teams.The away
    Captain must accept one of these dates. If a date cannot
    be accepted then the League Secretary will appoint a
    date for the match to be played. After the end of July a
    replay must take place BEFORE the end of season. All
    fixtures to be completed within 7 days of the final
    league fixture. The Result Secretary to be notified of
    abandoned matches and re-arranged dates.

    22 Only male bowlers shall play in the Welcome Bowling

    23 When more than one team tie for the League
    Championship or Relegation No Play Offs Will Take
    Place. The team with the most wins followed by the
    least losses will decide. If there is still a tie then
    Aggregate over the season will decide.
    There is a Two up and Two down between League
    divisions or as decided by the Executive Committee
    if the divisions require adjustments.

    24 That all trophies shall be returned to the Secretary
    no later than 30th September and the penalty for failure
    to do so is £10 per trophy. Clubs are also responsible
    for all trophies held by average winners representing
    the club when they won it.

    25 League and Cup matches shall commence at 7pm except
    during April and from the second match in August
    onwards when the starting time shall be 6:30pm.
    Match times may be altered if BOTH CAPTAINS AGREE.
    Floodlights to be used only when both Captains agree

    26 Practice other than 15 minutes prior to match must not
    take place on an opponents green on the day of the
    match unless he is a member of the opposing club or
    involved in a tournament on the green before the
    scheduled match start time. Away team has exclusive
    use of the green for their practice time.

    27 Prize money not collected at the Presentation Evening
    are automatically forfeited unless attendance is not
    possible due to illness or other acceptable reason
    notified to the League Secretary prior to the presentation
    of prizes.

    28 That No team can win on a walk over.

    29 That the title of the Afternoon League for players 50+
    years be titled WELCOME +50 YEARS BOWLING LEAGUE

    30 Players turning 50 years of age during the season can
    play from the start.


    1 All rounds for Attenborough Cup will be played on
    Tuesday nights when possible otherwise Monday nights
    will have to be used. Stuart Cup will be fixed for Friday
    Afternoons. In exceptional circumstances the match
    may be rearranged prior to the date given.

    2 The tie will be decided on Aggregate. In the event of a
    draw Cards from the first four players, who are still
    present at the game will be placed face down and each
    Captain shall choose one card from opposing team.
    These two players will return to the green and play a
    match up to 11 points. Players will start with half of their
    previous handicap rounded down to a whole number.

    3 Away team to have Jacks. Games played on neutral
    greens each team to have 4 jacks each, 2 per half

    4 No player may play cup rounds for two teams/clubs
    during the period of that season. Semi-Final and Final
    a player must have played in at least One League Match
    for the team concerned.

    5 The draw for Semi-Final and Final will be made by
    members of the leagues Executive Committee who will
    also draw the order they play in. All players should be
    present before the Draw is made, if a player is drawn
    as one of the first four and is not present at the starting
    time, A substitute (not from the second four) may be
    used and the absent player will take no further part
    should he turn up late. Otherwise the game will be
    allocated 21-0 to the opposition. No further substitutes
    will be allowed other than in exceptional circumstances
    when the Committee Members present shall decide

    6 There will be NO PRACTICE prior to Semi-Final and Final

    7 New clubs entering the league shall for handicap
    purposes be classed as 1st division teams until such
    times as they fail to gain promotion. This rule does not
    apply when existing clubs introduce an additional team
    However the Committee have the right to Handicap
    a new team if they think appropriate.

    8 There will be a £5 Fine for teams entering the cup and
    failing to play.
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