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Over Wyre Veterans Bowling League - 2024

  • Last Updated. Monday 22nd April 2024, 18:17
  • Latest League News
  • February 19, 2024
    2024 Season.

    Registration/Book Collection:
    Monday 11th March at Pilling RR 1.00pm

    League Starts:
    Monday 25th March

    Doubles Days at Great Eccleston:
    Entry Deadline Date - Monday 22nd April
    Friday 24th May
    Friday 7th June
    Friday 21st June Finals Day

    Presidents Days at Great Eccleston:
    Qualifying - Friday 19th July
    Finals Day - Friday 2nd August

    Cup Dates:
    Round 1 - Monday 15th July
    Round 2 - Friday 23rd August
    Semis - Friday 20th September

    Cup Finals at Great Eccleston Monday 30th September:
    Wyre Cup - 12 Noon
    Carr Cup - 2.00pm

  • December 12, 2023
    AGM Cover Letter.
    We have received a number of proposed rule changes and League reorganisation. As Chairman I feel it would be appropriate for me to provide some background information to your Committee decisions.

    Change from 14.00 start time to a 13.30 start (Giving anybody playing evening games a little bit more time between afternoon and evening games)
    Over the last two years your Committee has identified a need to make the League more competitive.
    With this in mind, we have tried to attract new teams to the League with the intention of creating three Divisions.
    We were pleased to welcome Scorton Bowling Club to Division 2 for the 2023 season and it now appears that we have three teams wishing to join the Veterans league at the AGM in January. With a total of 31 teams your Committee feels that gives us the opportunity to move to 3 Divisions.
    If we choose the option of adding the new teams to our existing League structure we face the prospect of a return to Friday league games. From the feedback I have received I do not think this would be popular with a number of our team members.
    I appreciate that this will mean an overhaul of the existing League structure leading to the suspension of promotion for one season and additional relegations.
    In order to make up for the reduced League games we could play all Cup game rounds and the qualifying games for the Pairs KO.Competition on Mondays.
    Please discuss the proposals with your Members and hopefully your Club will support the hard work undertaken by your Officials and Committee to secure the future of the Over Wyre Veterans Bowling League.

    Best wishes

  • December 30, 2022
    New Teams.
    Any club ishing to enter a new tam into the league, please can you send me an email before the AGM just to state those intentions.
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