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  • Last Updated. Thursday 18th July 2024, 08:38
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  • March 20, 2024
    DUGDALE A - P.Nicholson, F.Oneill, D.Ainsworth, K.Sunderland. EDGWORTH A - H.Moore, K.Hadg, J.Haslam, S.Duncan. LDM A - D.Harper, N.Tann, N.Dickinson, Steve Armer. OLIVE PARK A - R.Riley, J.Hodkinson, N.Howarth, I.Holden. SALESBURY A - D'Osullivan, D.Slater, P.Slater, P.Duckworth. TURTON A - E.Brown, B.Howarth, A.Re, G.Rothwell. WHITEHALL A - J.Schofield, A.Turner, D.Khan, B.Comberbach.

  • March 07, 2024
    Singles and Doubles dates.
    The Darwen VETS qualifying SINGLES dates are Friday May 24th, FINAL May 31st. Darwen VETS qualifying DOUBLES dates are Friday August 2nd, FINAL - August 16th. Salesbury Trophy R/R - Wednesdays - August 14th, 21st. 28th, Q.F. - September 4th, Semis - September 11th, FINAL and PRESENTATION - September 18th.

    The SINGLES FINAL will take place at Lower Darwen Memorial on Friday 31st May, 11am Roll Up, 11.20am draw with a starting time of 11.30am. The final 8 players are :- Andy White, Lee Hammond, Ian Parkinson, Bill Stemp, Kath Hadj, John Kilcoyne, Steve Boag and Denny Khan. Spectators welcome and refreshments available.
    The WINNER of the SINGLES FINAL was LEE HAMMOND who beat Ian Parkinson 21-11. Congratulations to Lee.
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