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Sponsored by Martins The Funeral Directors of Preston, Lancashire.

Preston & District Amateur Bowling League - 2022

  • Last Updated. Thursday 25th April 2024, 08:32
  • Latest League News
  • January 29, 2023
    Preston & District AGM.
    The Preston & District AGM will be held at Acregate Club, at 8pm, on MONDAY 6th of February

  • September 17, 2022
    Cup Semi-Finals.
    The Cup Semi-Finals are now added to the Cup Section

  • September 10, 2022
    Delegates Meeting.
    There will be a Delegates meeting at Parkfield Club on 25th October, commencing at 7.45pm, can all attend please. Any proposals for the AGM must be submitted at this meeting, or they won't be discussed
  • End Of Season Summary
  • Div League Champions Runners up
    Grange Valley Amusements Premier DivKirkham ConsHoghton 'A'
    DeVino Wines Div 1Empire Services 'D'Hesketh Bank 'A'
    Grange Valley Amusements Div 2Longton V.M. 'A'Freckleton
    Grange Valley Amusements Div 3Longridge Cons 'B'Lea 'A'
    Grange Valley Amusements Div 4Ashton BCLeyland & Farington
    Grange Valley Amusements Div 5Hoole Village HallBretherton
    DivMerit WinnerRunners Up
    Grange Valley Amusements Premier Div Peter Hawkes Hoghton 'A' Owen Jackson Parkfield Labour 'A'
    DeVino Wines Div 1 David Waine Empire Services 'D' Aaron Hayhurst Eagle & Child
    Grange Valley Amusements Div 2 John F. Bennett Penwortham Sports 'A' Ian Hunter Penwortham Sports 'A'
    Grange Valley Amusements Div 3 Andrew S Lea Lea 'A' Debbie Watters Victoria
    Grange Valley Amusements Div 4 David Stuart West Leyland & Farington Alan Beer Ashton BC
    Grange Valley Amusements Div 5 Tony Hardman Hoole Village Hall Paul Ascroft New Longton 'B'
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