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  • Last Updated. Thursday 1st June 2023, 22:04
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  • May 21, 2023
    Individual start times are as follows. Players are requested to arrive 15 minutes before these times and to register in on arrival. Team Start Times: 11.30AM Ashton BC 10.45 AM Ashton St. Johns 12.15PM Barton 'A' 11.30AM Barton 'B' 12.15PM BrickHouse 10:00 AM Broughton 'A' 10:00 AM Broughton 'B' 11.30AM Crown 'A' 10.45 AM Crown 'B' 12.15PM Deepdale BC 12.15PM Elswick 10:00 AM Frenchwood 10:00 AM Fulwood 'A' 10:00 AM Fulwood 'B' 12.15PM Garstang 'A' 10.45 AM Garstang 'B' 10.45 AM Great Eccleston 10.45 AM Kirkham Cons 10.45 AM Lea 12.15PM Longridge Cons 10:00 AM Lonsdale 12.15PM Moor Park Sports 'A' 10.45 AM Moor Park Sports 'B' 10:00 AM Nateby BC 12.15PM Out Rawcliffe BC 10.45 AM Owd Nells OT 11.30AM Parkfield 'A' 10:00 AM Parkfield 'B' 10:00 AM Penwortham Sports 10.45 AM Roebuck 11.30AM Scorton 12.15PM Singleton 10:00 AM Whittingham 'A' 11.30AM Whittingham 'B' 12.15PM Woodplumpton 'A' 11.30AM Woodplumpton 'B'

  • May 21, 2023
    WOODPLUMPTON VETS PRESIDENTS DAY 2023 The League's PRESIDENTS DAY competition will be held at Kirkham Cons Club on Thursday 22nd June. League Rule 26 states President's Day will be held at the President's home green. Every team shall send one player to the competition. Teams failing to be represented at President's Day will be fined £10. The competition to be organised on a straight Knock Out basis and the winner to receive the Sanderson Cup. Home players to receive half number of chalks allowance on card. The draw for the competition has been made and all teams included. Please advise if your team will not be represented and send £10 fine. Please advise me by e mail or text, the name of your representative who will be attending on behalf of your team (this may be changed before the event if necessary).

  • January 28, 2022
    Telephone contact.
    To contact League Secretary please use mobile number 07964440631. Leave message or text if unavailable.
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