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Blackburn Senior Citizens Bowling League - 2024

  • Last Updated. Thursday 13th June 2024, 18:08
  • Latest League News
  • March 13, 2024
    Dates for your diary.
    Date   Start  Event                        Notes
    07-May	13:15 Team Knockout 1st Round  --- See draw below...
    28-May	13:15 Team Knockout 2nd Round  --- Venue depends on draw
    07-Jun	10:00 Jubilee Cup                  Roe Lee 
    18-Jun	10:30 Singles Knockout             Green Park
    23-Jul	10:30 Doubles Round Robin          Roe Lee
    20-Aug	10:30 Team Knockout Semis & Final  Green Park

  • March 13, 2024
    Please Note: Requests for registering or removal of players from League teams
    should include team Name, players full name & BCGBA reg no. eg NL12345.
    and be sent to the fixtures secretary - Ian Cooper at ian@iwcooper.co.uk

  • March 13, 2024
    Starred Players 2024.
        Dugdale A
      Roe Lee A
      Feniscowles A
    Peter Cranage Phil Holden A. Leach Frank Smith
    Dave Vickers Craig Slater Kevin Haslam David Swain
    Tracey Cranage John Hanson Eric Collings David Woods
    David Ainsworth John Warden John Schofield Arthur Carter
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