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  • League Rules

Blackburn Vets Bowling League Rules 2021


    1 - The subscriptions to the league are £35 per team (including football cards) and players must be 55 years or over before the 1st game of the season. If any club play an under-age player then that player will be banned from playing in that league for the remainder of the season and all associated points accumulated will be deleted from that team's record.

    2 - Teams to consist of 8 players and games to be 21 up. The reigning 1st division champions will commence their home matches from minus 2 which will increase by 1 increment for every season they retain their title. Players are only allowed to play for one club during the season which will be the first club they represented. Winning players will receive 2 points and the team aggregate a further 2 points. Teams will be matched up with a blind draw. Standard jacks to be provided, visiting players to commence the game with the jack. Signed result cards to be sent to the results secretary ASAP.

    3 - Vets league match days are Tuesday, starting times 1pm. Those clubs that have 2 or more teams in the SAME division, any player of that team can only play against another team twice on 2 league occasions in one season. Any players from any division can only play once in any one set of scheduled fixtures. Pre-season circulated starred players can only play in their designated team.

    4 - All players to be registered at the registration meeting or before, on the OFFICIAL registration form. Full forename / surname and NL / LAD numbers required for all registered players together with email and phone contacts. Later registrations forwarded in writing, letter or email, to the league secretary before they are eligible to play with a 24 hour deadline for new signings during the season. Players must be fully paid up members of the relevant club before playing.

    5 - If a player concedes a game, the players score is to remain as it was when the game was abandoned and his opponent awarded 21 points. If a player is taken ill during a game, an unused registered reserve can substitute and continue the game from the point where the illness occurred. If a match is abandoned, all games plus any unfinished games will have to be completed within the 3 week rule and the scores of any games in progress must stand. All match irregularities must be highlighted clearly on the match card.

    6 - The condition of the green will determine whether a game is played or cancelled. Both teams must turn up and wait the final decision, no later than 45 minutes after the scheduled start. Both team captains will agree the fitness of the green with the HOME captain having the final say. In the event of the green being unfit, the two teams should agree a new date IMMEDIATELY, to be played within 21 days, informing the league secretary in the process.

    7 - Scheduled league matches MUST be played on the allocated fixture date unless inclement weather makes rule 6 applicable. Matches can only be cancelled in VERY EXTREME circumstances. A written request within 7 days has to be received by both the opposing club and league secretary and ONLY the league secretary can instigate the re-scheduled match which must take place within the 3 week rule. Shortage of players will NOT be a valid excuse to cancel a match. Sufficient players have to be registered before the season commences to cover illness and holidays so that matches should never be cancelled for those reasons. Re-arranged games can only consist of players registered at the time of the initial fixture. If a re-arranged match is not completed in the 3 week period, the league officials will decide a replay date which both teams have to fulfil. If only 1 team turns up they will be awarded all 18 points. If both teams fail to fulfil the fixture, they will be awarded 0 points each. All scheduled league matches must be completed in unison on the final fixture date, weather permitting. If the final match of the season is postponed, 5 days will be the maximum time to complete the fixture or the above ruling will be enforced.

    8 - All players must strive to be punctual for the scheduled start, and a 45 minute concession will be the deadline for playing members subject to discussion between both team captains. The home team shall vacate their green 15 minutes prior to the match commencing to enable the away side to have the final 15 minute roll-up practise before the match starting time. This arrangement is flexible for both team captains because of their paperwork commitments with the away team captain still subject to the 15 minute practise restriction.

    9 - If any player has a walk-over this will count as 21-0 on the score card, +11 on their merit if a merit system is applicable. Any team fielding a reduced number of players, (no minimum number), must be highlighted on the match card as 'No Player'. ALL scheduled matches must be fulfilled on the fixture date, no matter how many players can be fielded on the day (Weather permitting).

    10 - Subject to the allocated division system, 2 teams will be relegated and promoted each season (subject to new applications and withdrawals). Promoted teams are guaranteed promotion the following season.

    11 - In the event of teams being tied on points and aggregate, to decide promotion / relegation, the combined head to head between the teams will be the deciding factor. If still not decided, the number of wins will determine the winning team with a play-off being the final option.

    12 - CUP MATCHES - All clubs must enter THE TEAM KO COMPETITION, and should also support the Sports Council Competition.

    13 - If a club fails to provide a representative at award occasions, any cash prize won by that club / individual(s), shall be forfeited and returned to League funds.

    14 - Any proposed rule changes / applications / withdrawals to be submitted in writing to the League secretary 14 days prior to the Vets AGM ( 1 vote per club).

    15 - Any matters / disputes not covered by these rules will be decided upon by the league committee whose decision will be final.

    16 – COMMITTEE.

    League Secretary
    Lesley Wilson
    Ian Cronshaw

    Date of rules amendment 11 January 2020
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