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  • League News
  • March 13, 2024
    Dates for your diary.
    Date   Start  Event                        Notes
    07-May	13:15 Team Knockout 1st Round  --- See draw below...
    28-May	13:15 Team Knockout 2nd Round  --- Venue depends on draw
    07-Jun	10:00 Jubilee Cup                  Roe Lee 
    18-Jun	10:30 Singles Knockout             Green Park
    23-Jul	10:30 Doubles Round Robin          Roe Lee
    20-Aug	10:30 Team Knockout Semis & Final  Green Park

  • March 13, 2024
    Please Note: Requests for registering or removal of players from League teams
    should include team Name, players full name & BCGBA reg no. eg NL12345.
    and be sent to the fixtures secretary - Ian Cooper at ian@iwcooper.co.uk

  • March 13, 2024
    Starred Players 2024.
        Dugdale A
      Roe Lee A
      Feniscowles A
    Peter Cranage Phil Holden A. Leach Frank Smith
    Dave Vickers Craig Slater Kevin Haslam David Swain
    Tracey Cranage John Hanson Eric Collings David Woods
    David Ainsworth John Warden John Schofield Arthur Carter

  • March 13, 2024
    Team Knockout.
    Handicaps 2024
                         Per Player   |  Per Team
    Team            Div Home    Away  |  Home  Away
    Cherry Tree     |B|   2       4      16    32
    Dugdale A       |A|  -4    Scratch  -32  Scratch
    Dugdale B       |B| Scratch   3   Scratch  24
    East Lancs      |A|  -3       3     -24     4
    Feniscowles A   |A|  -3       3     -24    24
    Feniscowles B   |B|   2       4      16    32
    Green Park      |B| Scratch   3   Scratch  24
    Hoddlesden      |A|  -3       2     -24   16
    LDMBC           |A|  -4   Scratch   -32  Scratch
    Olive Park      |A|  -3   Scratch   -24  Scratch
    Roe Lee A       |A|  -5      -3     -40    24
    Roe Lee B       |B| Scratch   2   Scratch  16
    Roe Lee C       |B|   2       3      16    24
    Whitehall       |A|  -4   Scratch   -32  Scratch
    Whitehall Blues |B|   2       4      16    32
    1st Round - 7th May - Start 13:15
    Home Team    Games    Away Team
    Roe Lee B     8:0   Whitehall Blues
    East Lancs    5:3   Green Park
    Olive Park    5:3   Roe Lee A
    Cherry Tree   5:3   Dugdale B
    Feniscowles B 3:5   Feniscowles A
    Roe Lee C     0:8   Hoddlesdon
    Whitehall     5:3   Dugdale A
    LDMBC               Bye
    2nd Round - 28th May - Start 13:15
    Home Team          Away Team
    Whitehall      6:2 East Lancs
    Feniscowles A  5:3 Olive Park
    LDMBC          2:6 Hoddlesden
    Roe Lee B      3:5 Cherry Tree
    Semi Final - 20th Aug - Start 10:30
    Home Team      Away Team
    Final - 20th Aug - Starts after semis
    Home Team      Away Team
    Please email results to Ian Cooper at ian@iwcooper.co.uk

  • March 13, 2024
    Jubilee Cup - 7th June - Start 10:00 - Roe Lee.
    This doubles round robin competition is open to all registered players in the 
    Blackburn Senior Citizens Bowling League.
    £6 per pair entry fee (can pay on the day). Good prize money.
    Refreshments Available.
    To Enter please contact Albert Coar on 07904 165925 by the 1st June 2024.

  • March 13, 2024
    Singles Knockout - 18th June - Start 10:30 - Green Park.
    Here is the list of competitors entered so far:
    Cherry Tree     Dugdale             East Lancs        Whitehall       
    Gail Pickup     John Wyche          Ella Watt         Eric Colling
    Janet Skinner   Keith Sunderland                      John Schofield
    Alan Skinner    Frank O'Neill                         Steve Boag
    Martin Turner   Bill Stemp
    Alf Fernandino  Peter Cranage
    Gwenda Haydock  John Dewhurst
    Sid Hoyle
    Chris Leeming
    Tom Nuttall
    John Hopwood
     Feniscowles    Green Park          Hoddlesden                        
    Terry Kennedy   Nigel Smedley       Granville Staff
    Rob Atherton    Martin Thomas       Lyndon Haworth
    Linda Leaf      Terry Nuttall       Ralph Westwell
                    Terry Roebuck       Ian Whittaker
                                        Derek Whittaker
                                        Nigel Duckworth
                                        Harry Bell
    LDMBC           Olive Park                   Roe Lee                  
    Terry Smith     Ian Nabb         Ken Calvert        Andrew Jarrold
    Dave Kay        Michael Jones    Albert Coar        Ian Cooper
    Mike Knox       Neville Turnbull Craig Slater       Joe Holden
                                     Ian Peel           Maureen Tattersall
                                     Vincent O'Donnell  Brian Tattersall
                                     Ian Parkinson      Dave Holroyd
    Current No. of entries: 52
    Entries close at 6pm Friday 14th June.
    HANDICAPS: When an A team player plays a B team player, the B team player
       will receive a 2 point start.
    Please send competitors names to ian@iwcooper.co.uk

  • March 13, 2024
    Doubles Round Robin - 23rd July - Start 10:30 - Roe Lee.
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